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The Fine Arts Department of Las Cruces Public Schools includes the areas of dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. 

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About Fine Arts

The philosophy of fine arts education in Las Cruces Public Schools is to provide a sequential, developmental fine arts curriculum which allows each student an opportunity to build skill and understanding through a wide variety of quality artistic experiences.

Fine arts have intrinsic value in the education of the whole child.  In so much as the arts are now widely recognized as a separate and distinct form of knowledge,  the district has a responsibility to provide instruction that will nurture this intelligence to its fullest potential in each child.  The study of fine arts as distinct disciplines can and should provide an avenue for unique creative and artistic self-expression.  Fine arts have value as a vehicle for understanding the history, society, culture and creative expressions of a wide variety of peoples.  Participation in the arts fosters inter-personal skills, self-reliance, responsibility, team work, and has been shown to have a positive effect on school engagement and learning in other disciplines.

While public performance and exhibition are natural outgrowths of artistic instruction, it is not an end unto itself.  The fine arts education provided to students in Las Cruces Public Schools is a balanced one where the artistic growth of each child is the ultimate goal and public demonstration is an expression of this growth.

Content Areas & Programs

Elementary Programs

General music instruction begins in kindergarten and all elementary children work with certified music specialists through fifth grade. Students are engaged in a variety of activities where they listen to music of the highest quality and sing, move, and play a rich mixture of folk, seasonal, and patriotic music. Most teachers use Dalcroze, Kodaly, Orff, and Suzuki techniques. Concerts are presented throughout the year. Fourth & fifth graders may audition for NMACDA Youth All-State. Fifth graders are encouraged to audition for the district elementary Honor Choir, Las Cruces Sings.

Formal visual art instruction is offered at all elementary campuses. Students are introduced to the elements of art. By challenging their imaginations with new techniques and materials, the students refine their skills by expressing their thoughts and ideas creatively. All students are given the opportunity to participate in annual district, county, and state art shows and competitions.


Dance is offered at select middle school and high school campuses, however the Fine Arts office coordinates extra-curricular dance master classes that are open to all district students. In the dance program, students will examine the history and vocabulary of various styles of dance including jazz, modern, ballet, hip hop, and tap. Students will also experience the styles of dance through extensive training and practice and will have the opportunity to create, choreograph, and perform.

Band, Choir, Orchestra

Band, choir, and orchestra begin in middle school and students have the opportunity to continue through high school. Beginning classes build upon knowledge and skills learned in the elementary music program. Classes then focus on level-specific instrumental & vocal technique and performance skills. In addition to development of ability and musicianship, these ensembles offer a variety of performance opportunities including: school concerts, community presentations, music performance assessment (MPA), festivals, and competitions. Additional band, choir, and orchestra ensembles include: jazz band, marching band, colorguard/winterguard (flags), jazz or show choir, string orchestra, symphony orchestra, musical theatre, guitar, and mariachi. Students are encouraged to participate in individual events such as Solo & Ensemble festival, district honor ensemble auditions, NMACDA Youth All-State auditions, NMMEA All-State auditions, and more.


Theatre begins in middle school , however students may join theatre at any point through high school.  Theatre classes consist of the history of drama, introduction to acting through monologues, and scene work. Theatre students also explore methods of artistic expression, the personnel and organization of the theatre, and the structure of the written play script and technical theatre. Through performance and production, students build reading, writing, and speaking skills through the study of acting, directing, and play analysis.  In high school students are encouraged to participate in small and large ensemble school and district productions, festivals, the NMAA One-Act Play competition.

Visual Art

Visual art is offered at all middle school and high school campuses and is a continuation and expansion of skills learned in the elementary art program. Students are re-introduced to the elements of art, design, methods, and materials. By challenging their imaginations with new techniques and materials, students refine their skills by expressing their thoughts and ideas creatively. At the high school level students may enroll in College level Advanced Placement courses. All students are given the opportunity to participate in annual district, county, and state art shows and competitions.

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